Frequently Asked Questions
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What do I need to play the games?
All that is required is a Java enabled browser. The most popular browsers in this class are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator/Communicator. Be aware of the browser version, while these games will work in older browsers for best results aim for v4 and above. To download a Java compatible browser go to either or Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.x or Netscape Navigator v4.6x are strongly recommended.

How do I start a game?
From the game page click on the play button. A new window will open with the game embedded in it. The game needs to download to your browser; this may take up to 5 minutes on a slow or bad connection though normally much quicker times are expected.

I'm using a Macintosh and I am experiencing problems, (game runs slowly, or not at all). Can I improve the performance?
For best results on an Apple Mac Computer is to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 in conjunction with Apple's MRJ 2.0.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (for Macs) can be downloaded (for free!) from, click on the Macintosh products in the Product Type List.

Apple MRJ 2.0 is included on the Mac OS 8.1 CD-ROM, or it may be downloaded free of charge from

Once you have downloaded and installed both software packages, you'll need to configure Internet Explorer to use MRJ 2.0.

Launch the Internet Explorer browser.

Open the "Edit" menu, and select the "Preferences" menu item. The "Internet Explorer Preferences" window will open.

In the "Web Browser" section, choose the "Java" item. Ensure that the "Java Enabled" box is checked, and "Apple MRJ" is selected in the "Java Virtual Machine" pop-up menu. (If "Apple MRJ" is not available, make sure MRJ is installed correctly.)

Click "OK" to close the "Internet Explorer Preferences" window. You may need to quit and re-launch Internet Explorer for your changes to take effect.

Is there a way I can play the games off-line e.g. download the games permanently to my computer?
Afraid not. These are web based games so you must be connected to play. You can, however, connect briefly to the Internet to allow a game to load and disconnect once it has started playing.

The game does not work on WebTV even though I can access your web site. What's wrong?
To our knowledge at this time WebTV doesn't support Java and, therefore, you will be unable to play the games featured here.

I have a good working knowledge of Java and Games Programming, can I have a Job?
Send your CV to with any examples of your work and we will take it from there.

If you have any other questions please send them to and we will do our best to answer them for you.