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The aim of the game.
Your flock grazes at the top of the screen. Every so often one enterprising individual decides to explore pastures new and once one goes the others are bound to follow.

Your sheep float down using an umbrella (of course) and when they reach the ground they will just keep walking until they meet a barrier.

Your job is to save the sheep by herding them into the exit using a selection of blocks. You are given a set number of sheep at the start of the level and the number of those sheep you must save.

You are also given an extra task in which you must collect the golden credit and return with it to the exit. Without the credit you cannot go to the next level.

Right block
Left block
Horizontal block
Bonus Block
Special Bonus - you work out what it does!

Special blocks.
There are three special blocks which are available on certain levels:
The catapult - fires the sheep into the air in the direction they are walking. Beware, if the sheep isnt holding an umbrella when it falls, it can only survive a short fall.
The bomb - If a sheep walks into a bomb, the sheep and the surrounding blocks will be destroyed by the blast. Useful for making new paths through levels.
The spring - As mentioned above the sheep will only survive a short fall before they start to panic, the way to save a falling sheep is using the soft block.

The game is controlled mainly with the mouse. The left button places a block, and the right button removes a block. A number of extra keys may also be used:

P - Pause
M - Music Toggle
S - Effects Toggle
G - Grid Toggle
U - Shotgun Toggle
R - Speed Toggle

The grid may be used to help line up the sheep with blocks. The shotgun may be used to finish a level if you can't be bothered to save the sheep. The speed button may be used if you have set up enough blocks and you want the sheep to get to the exit quicker.

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