License - Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I license a game?
If you wish to host this game on your own website you can purchase a licence by emailing Friendly Giants at:

What does a licence cost?
This wholly depends on your requirements, quotes can be given on request at:
Please supply your full requirements including which game you would like, what re-branding work you want and what, if any, integration work you need.

How long does a licence last?
We normally give 6 month, 1 year or unlimited licences. Though these are our guidelines, we can customise a licence to whatever your requirements are, be it 1 month or 2 years.

What do I get for my licence?
We offer any amount of customisation on our games; the limitation is in what you want to pay. The minimum licence is the game as seen on with your logo inserted in the title page, right up to all game elements re-branded with bespoke coding and back-end integration.

Why can't I just link to your game?
While you are more than welcome to link to any of our games, we must insist it is to the launch page and not the game itself. This allows new users to read instructions, FAQs, etc. and allows us to alter the internal structures of our site without affecting you in the future. An example link, to the game Blastian, would be as follows:

All we ask is if you decide to run ads or profit directly from our games, e.g. embed the holding page within another, then you must pay Friendly Giants 33% of the revenue raised from these advertisements. If you want to do this we can supply you with a commercial licence from sales otherwise, link away.

I cannot find a game here that fits my needs?
No problem. Friendly Giants are always willing to produce bespoke projects to your specification or create a new game specified by ourselves.

Can I host any games for free?
Yes, you can take any one of our Didi games for free! All you need to do is contact us, fill in our Free Licence Document and it's yours. The Didi game can be used in any way you want, all we ask is to know where you are hosting the games and that the games are not changed or hacked in any way whatsoever.

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