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Prospective Giants Required
in Sales & Marketing
[Posted 12.02.2001]

We're looking for candidates who have a genuine ability to create business and develop relationships, either via the phone or face to face.

This isn't telesales, mind, or at least the right candidate won't view it as such. If you're right for us, then you'll believe in crusading on behalf of Friendly Giants as if it were your own company and in fighting to bring the same company both into profit and high reputation.

Although experience sometimes helps, what we're looking for is this:

· Natural talent & flair
· A passion for games
· The desire for fun and hard work in equal measure

If this sounds like your type of career choice, then get out of the current hell-hole of a job and find out what silver-lining your cloud holds.

Either write to us, email us enclosing your CV or call Nick Dixon, our Business Development Manager.

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  E-mail your CV to: or send your CV to: Friendly Giants Ltd, Recruitment, Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, Cheshire, UK. SK10 5JB