What Do Friendly Giants Do?

We develop products in four main areas:


We specialise in games that are easy to pick up and play, without the need to spend hours studying a manual or remembering which key does what. Our games have an immediate appeal, coupled with a depth of gameplay which will make visitors to the site come back time and time again.

These games can be single-player competing against the computer, or multi-player playing against others. Players can compete via the Internet, mobile phones, Digital TV and set-top boxes, or whatever communications mechanism is available.

Our games are designed from the outset to be easily branded to suit a particular client, event, sponsor, message or corporate identity. Objects in the game can be branded and sponsored. Billboards and advertising can be placed within the games.

Graphical Chat Environments

Community and repeat traffic are two of the most important mechanisms in the survival of a commercial web site. Friendly Giants are currently developing a revolutionary graphical chat application - similar to Ultima Online in appearance - where people can meet, discuss, make friends and challenge each other to our games.



Desktop Toys

We are pioneers in Desktop Toy technology. A Desktop Toy is exactly that - a toy, usually based on a well-known character, which "lives" on your PC's desktop. It can wander around, interact with the desktop, open windows and applications. You could even get it to perform menial tasks for you, such as opening a particular set of documents or filling in forms. Toys are controlled by either a menu or by voice recognition.

Usually Desktop Toys are created purely for entertainment purposes; they tie-in with a product or web site launch. One of the Toy's commands is usually to open an Internet Browser application and take you to the associated web site.

We are currently developing key new technologies, which take this application far further. Internet-aware toys, toys which interact with the web browser software, and other improvements are currently in development.

Value Added Applications

These comprise of standard Multimedia applications such as Screen Savers and "fun" or humorous applications that people will want to share with friends and colleagues.

We also have considerable expertise in WAP and EPOC development, as well as building client-server applications and server-side development.

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