Desktop Richie

Downloads now in excess of 75,000!
"We have been delighted with the success and the popularity of the Desktop Richie toy," says Chris Gay, Friendly Giants Desktop Application Manager,"in addition to more than 75,000 recorded downloads there are many that have been passed from one friend to another. This has proved to be a great viral marketing tool for Channel 4."

Channel 4 unleashed Desktop Richie on the 5th July 2001, a cartoon companion to its TV Ashes coverage, created here at Friendly Giants.

Office-bound cricket fans can download the application from the station's Cricket4 website.

A beaming, pint-sized Richie wanders onto your desktop to let you know every time there's a wicket or a century has been reached.

Download the toy from the Channel 4 website:

This is what they have to say about the Richie toy:

"Nervous office managers the nation over are bracing themselves for scenes of unbridled disruption as the 3rd Ashes Test at Trent Bridge draws near.

With downloads of Desktop Richie exceeding 40,000 within the first week and climbing by the minute, it seems no workplace is safe as word of the virtual phenomenon of the summer spreads like wildfire.

Without warning, normally subdued workers were said during the 2nd Test at Lord's to break into rapturous recitals of the little man's marvellous commentaries, prompting team leaders to lose their rag and Desktop Richie inventors to call for nationwide calm."




Desktop Richie (1.1Mb)

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