Friendly Sheep

Friendly Sheep

Friendly Sheep

Friendly Sheep

Download the latest version of our popular desktop toy and enjoy constant companionship through those lonely computing hours.

If you have previously downloaded the sheep you will need to uninstall the old version first to ensure you enjoy problem free grazing.

Also now available - our new game Sheeps featuring the adventures of your favourite purple character.

You might make her dance or run but be careful, upset her and she may leave an unwanted present behind.

By right clicking you can make her run, walk, dance, baah or jump. If you pick her up she panics. Drop her and she'll fall to the bottom of your desktop or land on top of the window below her. Put a window in front of her and she will skid to a halt or crash into it.

We've added more special features but you must find those yourself, so don't be sheepish, download your friendly ewe now ...

What's Yours Called? Don't forget to name your sheep and send us an e-mail to tell us what that name is and why you have called her that. We'll put the best on the site (with some editing where necessary).

Here's some ideas we had: Ewnice, Ewing, Baabara, Bambo. Hope you can do better ...

Il s'appelle mèle parce que le mouton fait mêê et que ça fait un peu pèle-mele sur le bureau ! A bientôt, Sylvie.

Bahrem Malik e-mails us: Hi , I emailed you and told you I had problems installing the friendly sheep and you helped me install it now I have the friendly sheep and I love love it!
Thank you I owe you a BIG THANKX!
P.S I would like to name it: Baa Baa Girl!

My sheep's name is Irma in honor of Irma lambein Hall at Houghton College!
Beth Lees, NY.

Tony Jones has called his sheep Petal.

Hi, my name is Shan and I'm naming my sheep Burgundy. I am calling her this because she is so beautiful and she is burgundy. I have only started using it for ten minutes but its been really fun already!!!

From Billy-the-Kid: she'ep's "The Woolnut Delight" 100% pure new wool. Thanx for the wool hanks on shanks so's to show screen pranks amid filing ranks.

My name is Adam Leake. My sheep is called Baabarama for some peculiar reason ...

Hi, says Jo Tanton, my sheep is called Emmymotiv.
Emmymotiv loves to run about on my screen and also loves to play about with you.

Trina Hudghton says: I like to call my sheep Braveheart because every time he gets dropped from a great height he gets right back up again, he never complains and is always ready for the unexpected!!

My crew of 3 are known as Shirley, Goodness & Mercy for "shirley" they shall follow me all the days of my (PC) life. DDD.

I've thought long and hard and come up with what I'm certain is a really ORIGINAL name and certain to be a prize winner: Woolly Jumper!! Good eh! Great fun, Anne Marigold.

R Bradshaw says: I have named my sheep Gallop because he doesn't stop galloping.

Emma Kirk has called her sheep Aubergine, because it's got one for a nose!

My sheep is called Mr Sheep... simple, effective and fitting. I thought long and hard, but in the end was forced to reject such inspired ideas as Mr Pig, Mr Horse and, lastly, My Cow. James Mumberson

Fiona Mullins says: I've decided to call mine Dizzy, just cos it suits him.

My sheep is called Silky Viv from Jason Vivian.

Al Stubby writes: I have named my sheep Bom Bom because it shakes its little bom bom - o ya, it also looks like one.

My sheeps are called Jumpalot because she jumps a lot, Walkalot because he walks a lot and Baaaaaaaaaaaaaalot because he baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas a lot. Dean Newman Kent

We've named ours Nestle - after our favorite brand of cheap chocolate! Olivia, Dixie & Heidi.

Hi there, Cheers for the sheep !!! He's so cool I've called him BOB, just cos' he looks like a BOB??? from Melanie

Dave Moston e-mails: How can I get more sheep on my desktop????? Please help me, Ipsy, Dipsy, and Flopsy desperately need companionship.

[To answer Daves plea: there is a limit to three sheep active on a machine so that the resources are not overburdened, so no flocks at the moment - sorry Dave]

I've called my sheep Baaaazaaaare, because I've never seen a purple sheep before! Anna xx

Lois Measor wastes no time and tells us bluntly: JIMMY

Jeff Marshall says: My Sheep is called 'Rammie' and is a loyal supporter of Derby County football club.
Any more footballing sheep out there?

I think I'll be calling my sheep FLEEEEEECE. M.Gray

My youngest son has named our sheep 'Mark Willis' after his best friend at school - I think it's because we never have time for him to come round to play! Sally Margetts

This sheep rules man and me and my mates are laughing our heads off @ him - I'm not sure of a name, I have a list; either Hetfield or Bob the Sheep says Johnathon Underwood

Hi l'm Wendy from York
and my sheep is called Baaaaaaaaaarnaby xxx

Jeni e-mails us: she is called Shazza the sheep after my best mate!!! Most amusing by the way - I have started an office craze!!

My sheep's name is Array cos it is my nickname, it's like me, writes Raymond Houn

RHessami says her name is Mimi but does not say why.

Dougal the Groover from Andrew McMenamin

SgtDottie tells us: I call her "Queen of Sheepa", because purple is the color of Royalty.

My daughter adores the purple sheep and wants to call her Rachel. She's not sure why... Thanks, Fiona Berry.

Paul writes to us and says: Mine is named Lucky, as she lives in the U.K. where Foot & Mouth is every where. She is hoping she doesn't get renamed DeadLucky.

Rachel has called her sheep Baaaaazel.

Raymonds sheep is called Larry.

Lizzie e-mails us to say: My sheep is called Candyfloss because that is what it looks like.

Alfva e-mails us to say: I have named my sheep Eggplant as her color reminds me of one, I'm sure she will live up to her name being rich in personality.

Jenny from London says: Thanks for the great sheep toy. I've called her Betty as she looks like someone I work with, hope she doesn't read this!

Gryffindor says: my sheep is called Lavender.

Andrew G e-mails us: I have called my sheep Andrew as my girlfriend thinks he is like me and my flat which has purple wallpaper!

Buggirl writes: my sheep is called Flossy but doesn't tell us why ...

Spunky Stephen (!!?!!) tells us his Friendly Sheep is called the Purple Blub. And why not?

Jane and Dan (we don't know which of them) declares: I named her Dolley after the first sheep that was cloned (which we think was actually called Dolly but Dolley sounds much more interesting!)

Linda Kuijpers e-mails: Hello! I've called my sheep: Lila.

From Rachel, in Texas: My sheep, I wanted to be a guy sheep , so I named it Stetson, after an old boyfriend (and it looks like it would be Stetson too!)

Maria Ciliberto has called her sheep Pearl.

Hi, my name is Estelle and I named my sheep Hijitsuji because I'm learning Japanese and hijitsuji is the Japanese name for sheep.

I'm Caroline from Lancaster, I have called my sheep Baanacle because she has a habit of sitting right on the thing that I'm reading!

I've called mine My Fluffy Purple Cloud On Legs. This is because normal sheep ARE fluffy clouds on legs (well, so my mother and I think anyway!) Kirsty (I'm actually older than I sound btw!!).

Friendly Sheep


Friendly Sheep Desktop Toy (1.5Mb)

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