WISH logo WISH is a graphical tool for Windows that lets anybody create a WAP game in minutes. There's no coding, no WML, nothing techie at all, actually. Just a drag and drop interface for creating dynamically linked WAP pages, which can be a game, a quiz or a straight WAP site.

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So what do you do with your game when you've built it?

(This is the radical bit!) Friendly Giants will host the game for nothing! Nada. WISH converts the images to the WAP format, packages up all of the content and then uploads it to a dedicated WAP server on Friendly Giants' server farm. The server automatically unpackages the content and posts it on the internet and then sends back a message with the URL.

Minutes after finishing your WAP game, you can txt your friends, telling them to point their WAP phone at the coolest site in the universe. Ever.

Aims of WISH
WISH is a tool for generating choice based games for WAP. The simple graphical user interface allows the game designer to quickly create and test game content and logic.

The main aim of the tool is to give complete freedom to the game designer, whilst hiding the complexities of the game logic.

The simple drag and drop interface makes creating stages no more complex than a single mouse click. Stages may then be linked together by drawing a line between them. This creates an actual hyperlink between the stages, which may be customised as required.

Flexibility of WISH
WISH can be used to create any game that uses choice based logic. Unlike many WAP games currently available, WISH allows dynamic content to be created (the content may change as the game progresses).

WISH uses the metaphor of episodes, to describe a complete game structure. Each episode is made up of a number of linked stages, which when traversed describe the flow of the game.

WISH provides the designer with simple pop-up stage and link editors, where the attributes may be changed. These editors are where the games content is written by the designer.

Stage Editor
The stage editor allows the attributes of each stage to be individually set and altered as the designer changes the game content. Descriptive text may be entered directly into each stage, following which; the associated resource file is created automatically. Graphics for the individual stages may also be previewed in the stage editor. Each of the stage's choices may be created and the condition, determining whether or not they are displayed, may also be set in the stage editor. This enables choices to be available only if certain conditions, again determined by designer, are met during play. The choices are simply hidden from the user until they satisfy the 'show condition'.

Link Editor
Using the same principles as the stage editor, each individual link can be edited as required. Any number of link attributes may be set and changed at any time during the design of the game. Choosing a particular link (or path) may result in attributes such as the player's score, energy, credits, etc. to be increased or decreased. Again, these attributes may be individually adjusted for each link. For example; choosing one link may cause the players score to be multiplied, their energy to be depleted and their credits (or cash, etc) to be increased, all in a single link.

WISH also allows a report to be generated. This report is interpreted by a server side application and the WAP game generated instantly.

This feature allows the games to be put together and tested very quickly.

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